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NAME: Linda Lane Hedges
QUERY: ROAN or RONE, in Redford,Desha,AK 1870

Can anyone tell me about Commodore ROAN enmumerated in the 1870 census with Emma? He is 46 and born in KY. She is 30 and born in RI. Mary is oldest child age 18 and also listed as KY. 5 other children all listed as AK with Prudence a baby.

DATE: 5 Dec 1996
NAME: Lynda Rangeley
E-Mail Address:

Thomas NETHERLY, b. ca 1801, appears on 1850, 1860 & 1870 DeSha Co. census. In the household in 1850 are John(athan), age 20, and Luvisa, age (6?). In 1860 in the household are Thos. Montgomergy, age 27, and Mary Simmons, age 58, housekeeper, born in Tn. In 1870, Samuel Doolittle, age 30, is in the household. Did Thomas die in DeSha Co.? Who was his wife? Who was the Thomas Nethery who married Nancy Howell on 22 March 1857 in Desha Co.? All clues appreciated.

DATE: 9 Dec 1996
NAME: Mary Shelton
E-MAIL ADDRESS: QUERY: Searching for information about Joseph Coursey (Covey/Couey) from Desha County, AR who married Elizabeth Taylor, born 1828, in Yazoo County, MS. Joseph and Elizabeth were married in 1843 and had two children, William and Mary Ann. What happened to Joseph? Who were his parents and did he have siblings? Thanks.

DATE: 12 Dec 1996
NAME: Chris Hansen
QUERY: Searching for birth record of Lela Lee McElrath b. 6 Oct 1890 in McGehee, AR. He father was Charles D. McElrath and her mother was Francis "Fanny" Sammons McElrath. Thanks, Chris Hansen Orange, CA

DATE: 7 Jan 1997
NAME: Jan Berryman
QUERY: Searching for any information related to surname Sweeny in Desha County. Sometime after 1868 Lucile Nady Menard married a Sweeny. I am attempting to find his first name. Lucile Nady had been married to Francis Menard, who died about 1867 or 1868.

DATE: 7 Jan 1997
NAME: Jan Berryman
QUERY: Searching for any information related to the surname Nady. My Great grandmother was Lucile Nady who married Francis Menard and lived in Desha County in the mid 1800's.

DATE: 1/17/97
NAME: Karen Patterson
QUERY: Looking for information on Andrew J. or Maria ABNER who moved to Desha Co. from KY in early 1840's. Their daughter Elizabeth (Pauline) married a James Boswell about 1855. He died by 1860, was Pauline in Desha Co. during the Civil War? Any idea where Andrew is buried? Maria remarried in Desha to Elias Parker.

DATE: January 20, 1997
NAME: Mary Gregg
E-MAIL ADDRESS: QUERY: Would like to contact anyone having knowledge of the following people who were in Desha County the mid-1800s: Agnes Jane (CAMMACK) (b. ca 1828 in LA; living, 1860, Desha Co.) d/o Yelverton and Elizabeth (WATSON) CAMMACK m., 1846, Dr. Peyton GRAVES (liv 1860) and by 1860, they had children: R. F. GRAVES (male b. ca 1854); Ollie A. GRAVES (female, b. ca 1856) and D. C. GRAVES (male, b. ca 1859) Sophia Woolfolk CAMMACK [aunt of above mentioned Agnes Jane] (b. 1812, Caroline Co., VA or Adams Co., MS; d. 1843, Desha Co.) m., 1828, Geo. B. WATSON, JR. [brother of Elizabeth WATSON mentioned above] and had children: Lewis B. WATSON (b. ca 1831 in LA; liv. 1860, Desha Co.); John WATSON (b. ca 1833 in LA; liv. 1850, Desha Co.); Mary E. WATSON; Narcissa WATSON (b. ca 1838 in AR; liv. 1856 in Desha Co.) m. in Desha Co., 1859, Dr. Chas. L. FRENCH; Delila WATSON. I have been unable to find these people after 1860. I would very much like to find living descendants since they are descended from my ancestor, George CAMMACK of Caroline Co.., VA and Adams Co., MS.

Wanda Stephens
DATE: Mon Jan 27 1997
QUERY: CHANCE. Searching for parents of Daniel Chance who first paid personal property tax in Desha Co in 1843. 1850 Drew Co census said he was born in LA, age 28. First real property purchase we found was in 1857, then Drew Co. Where did he come from? Grave marker says he was born 17 Mar 1821, died 11 Jul 1900. Buried at Holly Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, now Lincoln Co. He helped found that church in 1873. Wife in 1850 was Nancy, searching for her last name. No marriage record found in Desha or Drew Co, about 1848.

DATE: 30 Jan 1997
QUERY: Please help if you can, I am looking for Bill or Cal Dean, in Desha or Drew co. AND also, Looking for Birchfield( burchfield) Mary Mattie,and Elizabeth Estelle Griffin born in 1913. Can anyone help? Thanks. Email

Date: 1/31/97
Name: Jerome Williams
E-mail: Jay
Query: Curley/Curly family. I am looking for any information on the following ancestors, who lived in and about Winchester, Ark. when it was a part of Desha Co. I was informed that all historical and public records are still a part of the Desha county court house, papers, archives,etc. Here are some names I am looking for:

Thank you, Jerome Williams
PO Box 4566
St. Louis, Mo. 63108

NAME: Jan Berryman
DATE: Tue Feb 4 1997
I am searching for information on the Nady (Nadey), Menard, and Sweeny (Sweeney) families. These families were in both Desha and Arkansas counties from the early 1800's to present. Frank Nady was a major land owner in the late 1800's. His sister, my great great grandmother,Lucile Nady was first married to Francis Menard then to a Mr. Sweeny(Sweeney). I am looking for the first name of the Mr. Sweeney she married. I am also looking for decendents of Francis Menard, as well as decendents of Charles and Eugene Nady, who were Frank Nady's brothers.

NAME: Karen Patterson
DATE: Mon Feb 17 1997
Looking for ABNER, PARKER AND BOSWELL. Andrew and Maria Abner raised 5 children (Pauline, Edward, William, Ellen and A.J.) in Desha Co in the 1840's and 50's. Andrew apparently died before 1860 and Maria remarried Elias Parker, and they had one child, James. Apparently most of the Abner children take the Parker name and move to various parts of the state. Oldest daughter, Pauline Elizabeth marries a BOSWELL in the late 1850's in Desha Co. Would like to share info. Does anyone know exactly when Mariah or Andrew died or are buried? Karen

NAME: Bill Owens
DATE: Thu Feb 27 1997
looking for imformation on father & grandfather who lived in or around Mceghee Ar.surname Owens any imfo. would be appreciated thanks Bill Owens

NAME: Sherry Hall
DATE: Tue Mar 25 1997
Looking for information on the DEDMAN family from Cypress Creek, Desha County, AR. Names that I am looking for are Winston, and Elphren DEDMAN, father and son. Time frame 1860 to present.

NAME: L.J.Hewitt
DATE: Fri Mar 28 1997
Watson; Calhoun County; AK (Outside Tinsman) or Watson; Desha County; AK - ??? I am looking for any information on my Great-Grandfather, THOMAS HUNTER. Died in Watson, AK in 1906. Listed occupation as Locomotive Engineer. Trying to verify his death within one of these Counties and names of Railroad lines that that ran through the areas in 1906. THOMAS HUNTER was married to MARY (GOINGS) HUNTER and they had three children: ERNEST, EDITH, and BEATRICE. Note: We have no other information on BEATRICE after 1900, so I am also looking for any death records on her. Any information concerning the HUNTER'S would be greatly appreciated. (Deaths, Railroads, Probate, Etc.) 1900 Census Of Arkansas, Greene Co. - Whole family listed. 1910 Census Of Arkansas, Chicot Co. - Only ERNEST and EDITH, living with a Mollie Grayson -?.( No mention of MARY OR BEATRICE.)

DATE: 3-31-97
NAME: Kristin Huddleston
Query: PARRISH located in Desha County 1800's. Seeking any information or connections to the following. William Edward Parrish m. Cora Viola Coose 8 Feb. 1903 in Desha, Arkansas. William Edward Parrish's parents were William Parrish (father George Parrish mother Sarah) and Narcissus (maiden name unknown) first married a Thompkins. Need Narcissus' maiden name. Any other information welcome.

ATE: 3-31-97
NAME: Kristin Huddleston
Query: Coose Seeking any and all information about the Coose family. My great grandmother was Cora Viloa Coose m. William Edward Parrish. Her parents were John Francis Coose and Levina E. Searcy. John Francis Coose was the son of James Cannon Coose and Elizabeth Menard. James Cannon Coose was the son of N.C. Coose and Alvina (maiden name unknown). They came to Desha from somewhere in Tenn. Need Alvina's maiden name, location they came from in Tenn, parents of N.C. Coose and Alvina, any and all other infornation welcome.

DATE: 3-31-97
NAME: Teresa Grant
Looking for parent names of JAMES FREEDLE; d. 29 july 1848 in Desha Co. Ark. Any assistance greatly appreciated!

NAME: Dina Stevenson
DATE: Mon Apr 7 1997
Searching for MCQUISTON and STINSON in Desha, Drew, and Ashley Counties during late 1800--early 1900's please email Thanks.

NAME: marvin janeway
DATE: Thu Apr 10 1997
Looking for the gravesite of my grandfather Marcus Lafayette JANEWAY. He moved to Bates, AR. in 1908. He would have been 41 years old at that time. Can anyone tell me how to get cemetary records for Desha, Izard and Montgomery Counties.

DATE: Thu Apr 17 1997
I am looking for information on WILLIAM J. HEATHCOCK/HATHCOCK. William J. and his family lived in DESHA COUNTY AR IN THE EARLY 1880'S. WILLIAM was born in 1829 in South Carolina. He married CATHERINE W (maiden name unknown but would like to know). They had severakl children: ISSAC W. born 1860 in AL, WILLIAM T. born 1864 in AL, JAMES A. born 1866 in AL, GEORGE GANT born 1871, DOXEY ANN born 1872, RHODA born 1876, ELLA born 1879. JAMES A. HEATHCOCK moved to INDIAN TERRITORY in the 1890's in 1900 his mother CATHERINE W. lived with him but made frequent trips 'BACK HOME" according to newspaper report I am looking for descendants of this family to exchange information with. I lost track of JUDGE JAMES A. HEATHCOCK IN 1918. JAMES A HEATHCOCK was married to a woman named NELLIE, they had several children CALLIE, MARY, JESSIE and WILLIAM. Can someone tell me if they are on later census of that County. JAMES A was a Judge in PITTSBURG COUNTY OK., AND HE owned a general store and a newspaper called the KREBS MINER. He was also a real estate agent and sold lumber.

NAME: Lynda Rangeley
DATE: Tue May 6 1997
Thomas NETHERY, b. ca 1801, Tn., appears on DeSha Co. census, 1850 thru 1870. In 1850, John, age 20, and Louisa, age (1 or 11, can't be sure), are in the household. Is John, the same individual as Jonathan Nethery, enumerated separtely? There may be some association of this family with that of Israel Montgomery who is living next door on the 1860 census. Any clues appreciated.

NAME: Jan Berryman
DATE: Tue May 20 1997
I am researching the NADY, MENARD, SWEENY and JONES families of Arkansas and Desha Counties. I am looking for specific information related to the families of Francis Menard, Frank Nady, Eugene Nady, Josette (Jasette) Nady, Lucille Nady, Jasper Sweeny, Ebenezer Jones and William S. Malcomb.

NAME: Doyle McTigrit
DATE: Sun Jun 8 1997
Seeking any information on any MCTIGRIT in Desha Co., Ark. Will exchange info. E-mail UR4ME2@PRODIGY.NET

NAME: Teresa Grant
DATE: Mon Jun 9 1997
FREEDLE-James, died 29 July, 1848 in Desha Co., Ark. Wife, Catharine, two young sons, James H. and Charles R. Trying to find James' parents names. He was originally from Sumner Co., Tn. where his older son remained and descendents still live. It is unknown why he moved to Arkansas shortly before his death, but he may have had other family members there.

NAME: Carolyn Porter
DATE: Wed Jun 11 1997
My students are doing research on Arkansas Post. Between 1810 and the end of the Civil war there was a planter and store owner there by the Name of NOTREBE, FREDIC. There are other spellings of the last name, one being NoRtrebe. He was French and owned approximately 6,000 acres of land in Arkansas, Chicot, and Desha counties. We need to know anything possible about him, his family and descendants. We know that he married a Creole but do not know her name or where she lived before the marriage. Since he was French, we are assuming that he was a Catholic. Any help would be appreciated. Carolyn Porter Social Studies

DATE: 17 Jul 1997
NAME: Kristin Huddleston
Desha Query : Coose & Menard Families
Seeking information about the Coose and Menard families living in Desha County. James Cannon Coose married Elizabeth Menard in Desha - about 1840. James Cannon Coose was born in Tenn. and is the son of Alivina and N.C. Coose. Elizabeth Menard is the daughter of Francis Menard & ? . Any info. appreciated. E-mail Kristin at

Date: 30 Jul 1997
From: Anna Rogers Key
QUERY: In an attempt to complete a family history on the James I. DUNNAHOE/DONNAHOE family I would like to correspond with anyone who might have information on this family. James I. Dunnahoe was born in Dallas County, AR in 1874, died in Desha County in 1943. He and several DUNNAHOES are buried in the Kelso Cemetery in Desha County. Any clues or information about this family will be appreciated. Anna Rogers Key

DATE: 18 July 1997
NAME: Kristin Huddleston
QUERY: Seeking infromation about the following families. COOSE, MENARD, SEARCY, PARRISH. Some key names include James Cannon COOSE, Francis MENARD, Levina SEARCY, William Edward PARRISH. All were residents of Desha Co. Arkansas sometime between 1800 - 1900. Any information welcome.

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 13:13:57 -0400
From: Alan W. Tate
Subject: Baxter Query for Desha Co., Ar
I am looking for an elusive great grandfather who "disappeared" between 1860 and 1884. I am systematically looking at all the CALVIN BAXTERs in the 1870 and 1880 censuses to see if I can find his location. I notice there is a Calvin Baxter in Desha Co., AR in the 1870 census in Island Twp. Does anyone have any information on this Calvin? My Calvin was born in 1845 in Indiana and, in 1870, would have been married, probably with no children. Any help appreciated. Alan in Virginia Date: Sun, 31 Aug 97
From: Urban Wilson
QUERY: I am looking for information on my GG-Grandparents- JAMES T. CALDWELL b. Aug 08, 1825; d. Nov 07, 1875 in AR. He married ELIZA JANE LOUGHRAN? b. Nov 11, 1832, d. ?; They were married on Nov 05, 1850. James was supposedly a LT. in Co B of the 26th AR inf. CSA. They had the following children: 1. Mary Eudorah Bell Caldwell b. Sept 01, 1851; d.?
2. William James Fagan Caldwell b. Aug 17, 1853; 3. Phillip Ashley Caldwell b. June 25, 1856; d. Apr 03, 1884 4. Stiles Ragland Caldwell b. Sept 07, 1862; d. Apr 04, 1883 5. Gustavus Henry Caldwell b. Dec 03, 1864; d. ? 6. Loughran Corlew Caldwell b. Sept 14, 1867; d. June 18, 1874 7. Louise Ida Caldwell b. Nov 03, 1869; d. Oct 04, 1947; Ida married Elisha Phillips in 1886. She and Elisha are my G-Grandparents. I do know that the James T. Caldwell was a farmer and was suppose to own quite a bit of land somewhere around Tillar or Winchester. I am not positive which County they actually lived in but I am told some of their descendants now live in or around Dumas. The information above is all I have as it comes from the Caldwell Family Bible that my G- Grandmother had. I have not been able to find them on any census records so far, but still trying. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. This line is giving me more trouble than any of my other lines. PLEASE, HELP ME! Thanks Urban Wilson

NAME: Toni Lasseter

KIRTLEY - GEORGE AMOS born 18 Nov. 1896 in Center Ridge, AR and died in Dumas, AR in June 1984. I am trying to find out who his parents are and where in Dumas he was buried at. Johnson Funeral Home took care of the arrangements, but I can't find an address for them to get the records. His wife, Verdie K. (Carter) Kirtley -Milam is also buried in Dumas, possibly in the same cemetery, she died in Feb. 1972. Can anyone help me out?? Toni

DATE: 20 Oct 1997
NAME: Leslie Mills
Thought my grandpa, William Hayes HAIRE, was born in Oakdale, Allen, LA, but got his Rock Island RR retirement records today, and one paper says he was born in Winchester, Desha, AR (27 Jan 1892). His parents were James Mildred HAIR(e?) and Fanny May NEWTON, both born in MS. They died before William was 12. They appeared to have moved around a lot, as my grandpa ended up in 1917 in KS where he died in 1973. Thanks for any help.

DATE: 3 Jan 1998
NAME: Leslie Mills

QUERY: Am searching for any information on the Haire family in Desha Co. They appear in the 1900 census as J.M. (James Mildred) Haire, b. 1857 in AR and among his children, W.H. (William Hayes) who was my grandfather b.1/27/1892. James M. died sometime before 1905, and the children were orphaned. Would like to reconstruct grandpa's early years and his ancestors. His mother was Fannie May Newton; she died sometime between 1894 and 1900.

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