Creek Census 1860

The below information has been provided to the Original Arkansas project by Sherry Miller

Free Inhabitants in "The Creek Nation" in the County "West of the" State 
of "Akansas" enumerated by me, on the "16th" day of "August" 1860. 
Signed: "Israel Vine" Asst. Marshal

This census was very light, and even though copied dark, it seems to be very
hard to read.  The only races noted are black or mulatto, so when noted I will 
add the race.(B)=black, (M)=mulatto.
Surname, given name, age, sex, place of birth, race, occupation

Post Office: Micco
Page 1
1.  BUCKNER,	Henry	40, m, TN Baptist Missionary
			Lucy A. 40, f, KY
			Walter O. 16, m, KY
			Isham 48, m, KY (B) Servant

2.  BERTOLD,	Thomas 30, m, NY Supt. Mission School
    ROE, 		Jesse 30, m, TN (B) Laborer

3.  DAILEY,		Ward H. 49, m, NY Physician
			Lavina 49, f, CT
			Benjamin H. 21, m, AR Merchants Clerk
			Ward H. Jr. 12, m, AR

4.  STEEL,		William 40, m, KY Labor

5.  SINGER,		Stephen 44, m, VA Merchant
			Mary  24, f, PA
			Edwin E. 18, m, AR Merchants Clerk
			Pauline H. 11, f, AR
			John 11/12, m, AR

6.  ELIASON,		Landon C. 30, m, NC Merchant
    ARMSTEAD,	Bawles E. 22, m, VA Merchants Clerk
    ELIASON,		Rutledge H. 22, m, VA Merchants Clerk

7.  R??ROWS,		Christopher 47, m, VA Blacksmith
    			Jane 40, f, AL

8.  DOWNING,	Presley 62, m, VA Wagon Maker
    			Hannah 45, f, AL

9.  ROGERS,		William H. 38, m, LA Merchant

10. STRYKER,	John 55, m, NJ Merchants Clerk

11. THOMPSON,	Jesse 38, m, TN Hotel Keeper
     			Amanda 23, f, IN
			Mary 12, f, MO

12.  SMITH,		Wilbourne 27, m, AL Farm Laborer
     LUCAS,		Mary A. P. 33, f, GA

13.  CASSDIDA, 	William 36, m, KY Carpenter

14.  FRY,		Andrew 35, m, OH Wagon Maker
			Charlotte 35, f, IN
			Elisabeth A. 15, f, OH
			Mary C. 11, f, OH
			William W. 9, m, OH
			Albert W. 3, m, MO

15.  HOCKSTETLER, Stephen 28, m, PA Well Digger

16.  BROADNAX,	John 73, m, VA School Teacher

17.  GIBSON, 		John C. 48, m, GA Farmer

Page 2 August 20, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
18.  NEELEY,		Joseph W. 34, m, TN Well Digger
			Nelly 32, f, IN
			Jesse P. 13, m, IN
			Thomas G. 11, m, IN
			Mary  6, f, IN
			William 1, m, CreeK Nation
     HOPKINS,		William W. 35, m, OH Well Digger

19.  MILLER,		Jacob Sr. 62, m, KY Blacksmith
			Nancy 59, f, IL
			John 28, m, AR Wagon Maker
			Jacob Jr. 21, m, AR Farm Laborer
			Martha 17, f, AR
			Nancy Jr. 15, f, AR
			Isaac 10, m, AR
			William J. 8, m, AR
			Permin?a 6, f, AR

20.  WILLIAMS, 	George 28, m, LA Blacksmith

21.  CLOUD,		James 32, m, AL Farm Laborer

22.  SCARBOROUGH, Jane 20, f, TX

23.  ILLISKARPAN,	Mary A. 28, f, TX

24.  POWELL,		Charles 21, m, TX Laborer
     FISHER,		Sarah 19, f, TN

25.  GENTRY,		Caroline 47, f, GA

26.  FISHER,		Mary 40, f, TN
      LAMKIN,		Mary L. 15, f, TN
			Amanda M. 12, f, MO

27.  GORDON,	John 36, m, TN Farmer

28.  BOLING,		Alexander 55, m, PA Farmer

29.  Eby,		Joseph 56, m, PA Blacksmith

30.  SANGER,		Stephen S. Jr. 21, m, VA Merchant
       			Emma L. 18, f, AR
     ROBISON,		Elisha C. 24, m, TN Laborer

31.  PATTERSON,	Lycurgus A. 40, m, TN Physician

32.  WHITLOW,	David B. 38, m, NC Farmer

33.  ATKINS,		Jahue G. 26, m, GA Farmer
			Mary J. 25, f, Creek Nation
			Harriett A. 6, f, TX
			Loueza A. 4, f, TX
			Texana 2, f, TX

Page 3 August 22, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
34.  CROWELL,	Joseph 43, m, NY Farmer

35.  RILEY,		Isaac 47, m, IN Mill Wright
			Sophia 10, f, Creek Nation
			Americus 8, m, Creek Nation

36.  RILEY, 		Abraham 22, m, AR Farm Laborer

37.  WATLEY,	John 40, m, GA Farm Laborer

38.  SHORTESS,	Jesse 37, m, PA Master Mill Wright
			Mary 22, f, MO

39.  SMITH, 		Eliza 60, f, SC Farmer

40.  AIRD,		George M. 38, m, Scotland Merchant

41.  WINING,		Betsy 50, f, MS (M) Cook
			Saphrona 18, f, Chickasaw Nation (M) Cook
			William 16, m, Chickasaw Nation (M) Laborer
			Albert 12, m, Chickasaw Nation (M)
			Fanny 8, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Charley 6, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Emeline 2, f, Creek Nation (M)

42. MARSH, 		David 35, m, TN Blacksmith
			Susanna 36, f, NC
    ROGERS,		James 7, m, Cherokee Nation

43. PEARSON,	Leroy 23, m, AL Wagon Maker

44. STEWART,	Robert W. 43, m, KY Blacksmith
    SCHERIFF,		Frederick T. 33, m, Germany Gun Smith

45. GOODMAN,	Peter 41, m, VA Merchant

46. Not Listed		Cobonn 22, m, Mexico Laborer

47. Not Listed		Ben 20, m, Mexico Laborer

48. Not Listed		Cedro 21, m, Mexico Laborer

49. Not Listed		Francisco 39, m, Mexico Laborer
			Betsy 36, f, Mexico
			Nancy 22, f, TN

50. AIRD,		Alexander 28, m, PA Merchant
			Thomas A. 36, m, Scotland Merchants Clerk
			Sarah P. 25, f, TN
			Constantine P. 6, m, AR
			George M. 4, m, AR
			Charles P. 2, m, Creek Nation
			Alan D. 6/12, m, Creek Nation
    Not Listed		Washingon 30, m, FL (B) Farmer
    Not Listed		Mary 7, f, Choctaw Nation (B)

Page 4 September 6, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
51. LILLEY,		John 49, m, PA Presbyterian Missionary
			Mary A. 44, f, MD
			John L. 8, m, Creek Nation
			Harriett R. 5, f, Creek Nation

52. Not Listed		Polly Ann 30, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Charley 9, m, Chactaw Nation (B)
			Albert 7, m, Chactaw Nation (B)
			Thomas 2, m, Chactaw Nation (B)

53. Not Listed		Zuash 23, m, TX (B) Farmer
			Rose 20, f, TX (B)
			Mose 2, m, TX (B)
			Frank 1, m, TX (B)

54. GRAYSON,	Robbin 40, m, AL (B) Farmer
			Jackson 28, m, Mexico Farmer

55. SANCHO,		Henry 39, m, Mexico Laborer
			Lobrettes 35, f, Mexico
			Wonnen 6, f, Mexico
			Trinity 4, f, Mexico

56.  WHIPPLE,	Thomas 38, m, VT Laborer

57.  HANKS,		William L. 33, m, NC Well Digger

58.  SMITH,		Peter, 27, m, VA Carpenter
     HANKS,		James M. 35, m, NC Well Digger

59.  HAMERSLEY,	Jacob 54, m, NY Mill Wright
			Amanda M. 44, f, VT
			Jacob A. 23, m, IN Mill Wright
			Frances E. 17, f, IN School Teacher
     DUNSEY,		Henry 23, m, IL Mill Wright
     KEMP,		Henry 12, m, MO

60.  Not Listed		Jim 90, m, GA (B) Cattle Hearder
			Jenney 60, f, AL (B) Cook
			Taylor 9, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Michael 7, m, Creek Nation (B)

61.  NOBLE,		George Sr. 50, m, FL (B)Farmer
			Maria 40, f, AL (B)
			John 23, m, Creek Nation (B) Blacksmith
			Simon 10, m, Creek Nation (B)
     HAMIEL,		Rebecca 27, f, FL (M) Farmer
			Eu?? 8, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Jackson 6, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Lizzie 4, f, Creek Nation (M)

Page 5 September 11, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
For some reason in counting the families in this census, they forgot to 
add this page, so there are only numbers starting with 1 - 11, unless this
is one family, since household #62 was skipped between page 4 and page 6.
1.   SEMINOLE,	Polly 82, f, FL (B) Farmer
			George 25, m, Creek Nation (B) Farmer
			Robert 23,m, Creek Nation (B) Farmer
			William 22, m, Creek Nation (B) Farmer
			Rachel 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Nancy 12, f, Creek Nation (B)

2.   SEM,		Mary Ann 47, f, FL (B) Farmer
			Ned 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Dumas 6, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Charley 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Freman 2, m, Creek Nation (B)

3.   SEM,		Affey 60, f, AL (B) Stock Raiser
			Grace 12, f, Creek Nation (B)

4.   SEM,		Mat 31, m, FL (B) Farmer
			Lucy 27, f, AL (B)
			Judy 3, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Lora 7/12, f, Creek Nation (B)

5.   SEM,		Grace 45, f, FL (B) Stock Raiser
			Ellen 11, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Ben 9, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Davis 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Sam 6/12, m, Creek Nation (B)

6.   SEM,		Lydia 28, f, FL (B) Stock Raiser
			Delila 10, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Grace 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Molly 8, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Sam 7, m, Creek Nation (B)
			George 1, m, Creek Nation (B)

7.   SEM,		Cudio 50, m, FL (B) Farmer (says insane)
			Sam 30, m, FL (B) Laborer

8.   BARNS,		Williams 37, m, SC Merchant
			Lenora J. 27, f, SC
			Ella 4, f, Kansas Territory
			Charles M. 2, m, Creek Nation

9.   TAYLOR,		John 40, m, NY Merchant
			Tam?ar 45, f, NC (B) Cook

10.  NEVIN,		Joseph M. 30, m, Ireland Merchants Clerk

11.  Not Listed		Frances 28, f, AL (B) Cook
			Jim 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Jobe 2, m, Creek Nation (B)

Page 6 September 19, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
63. PORTER,		John S. 48, m, GA Laborer

64. BARNETT		Lizzie 24, f, AR
    WILLIAMS,	Semante 4, f, MO (B)

65. Not Listed		Elija 22, m, Creek Nation (B) Laborer

66. COZEN,		Buck 51, m, SC (B) Laborer

67. HAMILTON,	Vamiel 39, m, SC Merchant

68. MONIAC,		Cully 60 m, AL (M) Farmer
			Nelly 56, f, AL (B)

69. Not Listed		Hope 58, m, AL (B) Stock Raiser
			Fanny 40, f, AL (B)
			Sharpen 16, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Henry 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Elias 9, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Susanna 8, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Jim 7, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Molly 30, f, AL  (B) Farmer
			Louiza 5, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Sarah Ann 3, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Rebecca 25, f, AL (B) Farmer
			John 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Eliza 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Adline 5, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Sillar 30, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Nelly 46, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Fanny 13, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Lealey 11, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Betty 9, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Maria 7, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Julia 6/12, f, Creek Nation (B)

70. Not Listed		Caesar 70, m, AL (B) Farmer
			Hannah 50, f, MS (B)

71. LARNE,		Jimme 41, m, AL (M) Laborer

72. Not Listed		Jacob or Jake 36, m, AL Merchant
			Henry 12, m, (M) Cherokee Nation 

73. Not Listed		Anderson 30, m, MS (B) Laborer
			Finny 82, f, AL (B)

74. HALL,		George 19, m, AR (B) Laborer

75. Not Listed		Cow Tom 49, m, AL (B) Stock Raiser
			Amy 48, f, AL (B)

Page 7 September 24, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
76. Not Listed		Carolina 35, f, MS (B) Stock Raiser
			Edmond 12, m, Choctaw Nation (B)
			Babe 10, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Jeddick 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Henry 6, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Albert 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Simee 2, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Wilson 11/12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Harry 27, m, AL (B) Merchants Interpreter
			Betty 20, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Thomas 2, m, Creek Nation (B)

78. Not Listed		John 30, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Malinda 25, f, AL (B)
			Judy 4, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Tamar 3, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Rosella 2, f, Creek Nation (B)
			?oa? 1/12, m, Creek Nation (B)

79. Not Listed		Margeret 29, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Katey 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Angeline 11, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Boston 2, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Ned 2, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Billy 5/12, Creek Nation (B)
			Henry 28, m, AL (B) Laborer
     TUCKAPARCHE,	Mary 50, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Abram 24, m, Creek Nation (B) Laborer
			Henry 20, m, Creek Nation (B) Laborer
			Billy 18, m, Creek Nation (B) Laborer
			Phillip 16, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Ned 14, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Miley 12, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Hannah 24, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Gitty 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Monday 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Peter 12,m, Creek Nation (B)

80. Not Listed		Lucy 50, f, TN (B)
			Charles 35, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Ginny 25, f, AL (B) Cook
			Theodore 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Duckin 30, m, AL Laborer

Page 8 September 25, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
81. TAYLOR,		Addison 28, m, NY Laborer
			Peggy 20, f, Creek Nation (M) Cook
			Jefferson 6, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Sandy 4, m, Creek Nation (M)
			George 1, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Betsey 75, f, AL (B) Farmer

82. GOODING,	Joseph 52, m, AL (M) Farmer
			Hilcey 48, f, AL (M)
			Jack 19, m, Creek Nation (M) Laborer
			Frank 26, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Jim 15, m, Creek Nation (M)
			William 13, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Lucretia 11, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Sam 9, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Charles 3, Creek Nation (M)

83. Not Listed		Betsy 19, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Eliza 3, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Nancy "of Eufaula" 30, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Wiley 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Sally 10, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Maria 8, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Ginny 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Ned 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Toakee "of Tars ?e Kee" 35, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Dick 9, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Phebe 32, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Olly 22, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Jewey 2, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Hannah "of Euchee" 68m f, AL (B) Farmer
			Sally 21, f, Creek Nation (B) Cook
			Babe 3, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Frank 26, m, AL (B) Laborer

84. YONGER,		Frank 90, m, VA (B) Farmer
			Billy Frank 13, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Tyra 50, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Chloe 75, AL (B)
			Sam 24, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Loueza 15, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Younger 4/12, f, Creek Nation (B)
     DUSAUR,		Cudjo 28, m, AL (B) Laborer

Page 9 September 26, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 84
     BARNETT,		Hannah 64, f, AL (B) Farmer
			Liah 28, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Babe 14, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Jim 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Lizzie 24, f, AL (M) Cook
			Jane 7, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Joseph 5, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Sam 3, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Hepsey 1, f, Creek Nation (M)

85. PORTER,		Elisabeth 27, f, GA Farmer
    WIRESMAN,	Sarah H. 23, f, Creek Nation
    ESBIVELL,		Edward 17 m, Creek Nation

86. Not Listed		Sam "of Coweta" 30, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Affy 20, f, Creek Nation (B) Cook
			Jim 5, m, Creek Nation (B)

87. Not Listed		Malinda 47, f, TN (M) Cook
			Kruell 11, m, Creek Nation (M)

88. BLACKBURN,	Eamis 33, m, TN Teamster

89. Not Listed		Licey 38, AL (B) Cook and Washer
			Eunis 14, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Pompy 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Morey 10, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Almma 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Shina 5, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Nannie 6/12, f, Creek Nation (B)

90. Not Listed		(R or K)etch 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
    			Blacksmith Jack 58, m, GA (B) Blacksmith
			Aggie 55, f, GA (B) Cook
    CRAYSON,	Aaron 60, m, AL (B) Laborer
			Lucy 50, f, AL (B) Cook

91. Not Listed		Austin 38, m, KY (M) Laborer

92. LEMORE,		Sarah M. 17, f, AL Cook

93. NERO,		William 34, m, AL (B) Merchants Interpretor
			Nancy 28, f, AL (M) Cook and Washer
			Susey 10, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Cornelias 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Adaline 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Nancy 4, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Joseph 3, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Abby 1, f, Creek Nation (B)

Page 10 September 27, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 93

    			Samuel 28, m, AL (B) Farmer
			Wiley 24, m, Creek Nation (B) Teamster
			??? 22, m, Creek Nation (B) Teamster

94. NERO,		Polly 34, f, FL (M) Farmer
			Susey 14, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Peggy 12, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Franklin 10, m, Creek Nation (B)
			George 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Eli 6, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Webster 4, m, Creek Nation (B)

95. HAWKINS,	Lucretia 72, f, MD (B) Cake Baker

96. BEAMS,		Mitchell 45, m, MS (M) Merchants Interpretor

97. WOODRUFF,	Andrew 20, m, NC Laborer

98. COONEY,		John 70, m, GA (B) Farmer
			Micey 20, f, Creek Nation (B) Cook
			Sam 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Ned 65, m, GA (B) Farmer
			Kenna 55, f, GA (B) 

99. Not Listed		Lydia "of Coweta" 30, f, FL (B) Farmer
			Delila 11, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Sarah 9, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Jim 7, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Grace 3, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Mack 2, m, Creek Nation (B)
    LICK,		Hocas 46, m, AL (B) Farmer

100. CATES,		Jeremiah 60, m, SC Merchants Clerk

101. HAYNES,	Newton 40, m, CT Stone Mason

102. ALLEN, 		William H. 37 or 31, m, GA Merchants Clerk

103. Not Listed	Monday 50, m, AL (B) Farmer
			Luckey 34, f, AL (B)
			Cudjo 16, m, Creek Nation (B) Laborer
			William 14, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Job 12, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Benjamin 10, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Stephen 8, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Tyra 6, f, Creek Nation (B)
			Phillip 4, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Eunar 2, m, Creek Nation (B)
			Fanny 1, f, Creek Nation (B)

104. MALTBY,	Orlonzo 55, m, VT Carpenter

Page 11 October 8, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 103

     MURROW,	Joseph 25, m, GA Baptist Missionary
			Clara B. 21, f, AL
     FITZGERALD,	David 51, m, VA Blacksmith
     COOK,		Rheuben 58, m, SC Merchant

106. BUTLER,		Elisabeth 20, f, MO
     EMORY,		Charles F. 24, m, NY Laborer
     DIAR,		Samuel 25, m, TN Laborer

107. ALLEN,		James 47, m, TN Farm Laborer
			Lavina 40, f, GA (M) Cook

108. BLUE,		George 32, m, AL (M) Laborer

109. COONEY, 	Joseph 48, m, GA (B) Stock Raiser

110. Not Listed	Peter 32, m, AL (B) Farmer

111. GRAYSON,	William 38, m, AL (M) Farmer

112. LYNCH,		James 45, m, TN Wagon Maker

113. THORNSBURY,	Mark A. C. 23, m, VA Farmer

114. RIDGEWAY,	Josiah 24, m, OH Carpenter
     STEWART,		John 24, m, IN Laborer

115. JEUDA,		Joseph 31, m, MO Laborer

116. FLOYD,		Antonio 25, m, Mexico Laborer

117. MILLETT,	Lewis 18, m, GA Laborer

118. CARRUTH,	Edward 30, m, NY School Teacher
			Mary S. 26, f, VA School Teacher

119. PATTERSON, 	James 37, m, TN Merchant
     DAVIS,		William T. 27, m, GA School Teacher

120. ESSEX,		James 67, m, NY Methodist Clergyman
     LUNSFORD,	Inman 22, m, AR Laborer

121. HAMPTON,	John M. 31, m, GA Farmer

122. SHIELDS,	Hagerman 34, m, VA Merchant
     SEVERS,		Frederick 25, m, AR Merchants Clerk

123. SMITH,		Shelton 32, m, GA Blacksmith

124. HAYES,		Samuel E. 23, m, MD Merchants Clerk

125. SAFLEY,		George 42, m, CT Merchants Clerk
     GLAZEBROOK,	Oskar A. 26, m, IL Merchants Clerk
     PENSINS,		Barziel 60, m, OR Trader
     GRIGORY,		Edward 68, m, TN Laborer

126. BRUNER,	Tom 25, m, AL (B) Stone Mason

127. MAUL,		Johnathan 32, m, PA Carpenter

128. CLINTON,	William M. 38, m, NY Carpenter

129. BROWN,		William 42, m, PA Carpenter

Page 12 October 30, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 129

			Tom oke lan 65, m, GA (B) Physician
			Sam 65, m, GA (B) Farmer

130. SPANIARD,	George 19, m, Mexico Cattle Hearder

131. PERCIVAL,	William 30, m, Ireland Merchant
     COLVEN,		Hiram H. 25, m, NY Dentist

132. PRESTON,	James A. 28, m, GA Baptist Missionary
     			Cornelia C. 22, f, GA Baptist Missionary

133. GAINES,		Richard D. 48, m, IN Farmer

134. HODGE,		Nathaniel 60, m, NY Carpenter
     PERRYMAN,	Mary 35, f, AR
			Margaret 15, f, AR
     PERRYMAN,		Caroline J. 23, f, MO School Teacher

135. ROP,		John C. 34, m, KY Physician
     WETZELL,		James W. 45, m, VA Saddler
			Augustus 14, m, MO

136.  DAVIS,		Thomas F. 40, m, Wales Stone Mason
			Elisabeth 36, f, NY
			Susan 15, f, NY
			Martha 9, f, PA
			Ida 3, f, Creek Nation

137. COOPER,	John P. 28, m, VA Blacksmith

138. HARKEN,		Simon A. 35, m, England Merchant
			Adaline 28, f, MA
			Franklin A. 1, m, Creek Nation
     WARFIELD,	Alexander 35, m, MA Merchant
			Mary 30, f, ME 
			Hattie 2, f, Creek Nation
			Henry L. 11/12, m, ME

139. LANDIVERE,	Alexander 48, m, GA Baptist Missionary
			Sarah 40, f, GA Baptist Missionary
			Fanny 19, f, GA Baptist Missionary
			Mollie 17, f, GA Baptist Missionary
			Hessie 15, f, GA Baptist Missionary
			Almetus 13, m, GA
			Alfred B. R. 4, m, GA
     EATON,		James 57, m, GA Farm Laborer

140. LAUGHRIDGE,	Robert M. 51, m, SC Presbyterian Missionary
			Harriett J. 39, f, MA Presbyterian Missionary
			Robert H.  16, m, Creek Nation

Page 13 November 3, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 140

			Mary 6, f, Creek Nation
			Harriett E. 4, f, Creek Nation
     ROBERTSON,	William S. 40, m, NY School Teacher
			Ann E. 34, f, GA School Teacher
			Ann A. 9, f, Creek Nation
			Mary 7, f, Creek Nation
			Grace 4, f, Creek Nation
			Samuel 2/12, m, Creek Nation
     SHEPHERD,	Nancy 30, f, KY Teacher
     TURNER,		Annie N. 32, f, MA Teacher
     MILLS,		Joananna 24, f, NJ Teacher
     McKEAN,		Mary 30, f, PA Teacher
     LANCE,		Mary 30, f, PA Teacher
     DAVIS,		John 54, m, ME Teacher

141. LAND,		Moses S. 32, m, TN Farm Laborer
			Lucinda 33, f, TN
			Mary J. 7, f, AR
			Elisabeth 5, f, AR
			Nancy 3, f, AR
			Joahanna 3/12, f, Creek Nation
142. McCullough,	Robert 45, m, PA Carpenter
			Elisabeth 40, f, PA
			William 17, m, PA
			James 15, m, PA
			Elisabeth 13, f, PA
     BORGEAUD,	Frank 25, m, Switzerland Farm Laborer
     THORRIP,		Christian L. 21, m, Denmark Farm Laborer
     JOHNSON,	Madison 35, m, VA Carpenter

143. LEWIS,		Kendal 79, m, MD Farmer

144. LEWIS,		John 65, m, GA Farmer

145. BARNSVELL,	John 43, m, Ireland Merchant

146. GOODY,		Mary 26, f, VA

147. STIDHAM,	Sarah C. T. 29, f, VA

148. LAWSON,	Cyrus A. 40, m, KY Trader

149. ARMSTRONG,	Robert 70, m, Scotland Merchant

150. BELCHER,	Christopher C. 34, m, MS Carpenter

151. SMITH,		Jurdon 30, m, MS Carpenter
     HENRY,		Rachel 26, f, Cherokee Nation
     SMITH,		Nancy 52, f, TN
     DIXON,		John 20, m, Cherokee Nation Laborer

Page 14 November 6, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office

152. THORNSBURY,	John 66, m, VA School Teacher
			Sarah C. T. 38, f, VA School Teacher
			John E. 20, m, VA School Teacher

153. HOLMES,	John M. 42, m, TN Merchant
			Sarah A. 38, f, TN
			Mary 8, f, TX
			William 5, m, AR
			Emma 3, f, AR
			Ella 1, f, AR

154. HOLMES,	William M. 35, m, TN Merchant
			Fannie 21, f, CA
			Lillie 1, f, AR

155. MAXWELL,	Thomas 50, m, GA Teamster

156. LOGAN,		Loueza 40, f, VA (M) Cook
     HARVEY,		James T. 22, m, MO Farm Laborer

157. SHAW,		Louisa P. 29, f, Switzerland Seamstress
			James H. 10, m, AR

158. MATHEWS,	John W. B. 27, m, AL Blacksmith
			Nancy T. 21, f, AL
     PERRY,		Timothy 28, m, MA Carpenter
     ADAMS,		Frederick 32, m, ME Merchants Clerk
     WHITMORE,	William 35, m, NY Driver
     BALLEAU,		David 55, m, France Farmer
     POSELY,		Henderson 19, m, MO Laborer
     PATTON,		John 18, m, TX Laborer
     CHILDERS,	James 54, m, TN Laborer
			Susan 51, f, TN
			Nancy 23, f, TN
			Arine 20, f, Cherokee Nation
			Guss 16, m, Cherokee Nation Laborer
			Rheuben 24, m, TN Teamster
     AMES,		Robert R. 43, m, NY Teamster
			Ira 16, m, IL 
			Lucretia 14, f, IL
			Josephine 12, f, IL
			Henry 11, m, IL
     WELLS,		Carter 32, m, AR Blacksmith
			Elisabeth 29, f, AR
			Caroline 9, f, AR
			Susan 6, f, AR

Page 15 November 8, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office
cont. family 158

			John 2, m, Cherokee Nation
			Alexander 1, m, Cherokee Nation

159. SMITH,		Stephen 53, m, NC Wagon Maker
			Catharine 52, f, GA
			William 20, m, AL Farm Laborer
			Catharine A. H. 19, f, AL
			Margaret E. 16, f, AL
			Thomas S. 10, m, AL

160. HOPWOOD,	Samuel 63, m, VA Farmer

161. SMITH,		George H. 30 or 39, VA Carpenter

162. Not Listed	Big Sarah 48, f, AL (B) Cook

163. Not Listed 	Julia 30, f, AL (B) Cook
			Jeanetta 7, f, Creek Nation (M)
			Ahtula 5, f, MO (B)

164. Not Listed	Elisabeth 28, f, Cherokee Nation (B)
			Charley 3, m, Creek Nation (M)
			Robison 5/12, m, Creek Nation (M)

165. LIVINGSTON,	Jesse 39, m, MD Tailor

166. EDMONDS,	Richard D. 38, m, VA Laborer

167. JOB,		Leroy P. 48, m, AL Stock Raiser
     GRAYSON,	Judy 60, f, AL (B)
			Amy 35, f, AL (M)

168. CORNELL,	Rachel 48, f, AL (M) Farmer
			Fanny 80, f, AL Stock Raiser
     HAWKINS,	Billy 52, m, AL (M) Laborer

169. GARRETT,	William H. 39, m, SC Creek Agent
			Nancy B. 31, f, MO
			William W. 2, m, Creek Nation
     WOODS,		Alexander 25, m, NY Farm Laborer

170. MANLY,		Cullen 54, m, NC (M) Horse Trainer
			Alonzo 11, m, Cherokee Nation (M)
     HELTERBRAND,	Julia 65, f, VA (M)

171. BROWN,		John F. 47, m, SC Physician
     CALLAHAN,	Eliza 21, f, TX
     WILLIAMS,	Solomon 47, m, AL Carpenter

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