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Families of Bill Couch that was in St.Clair Co. Alabama

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Hi Bill,
According to a story told by Unity Watkins 1858-1943, there were 12 families
who left together from St. Clair County, Alabama on the trek to Arkansas.
These were as follows;

Evan Watkins Jr.                    (Have a chart up for him bc)
Bennett Watkins
William Brown
Jasper Sybert (Rebecca Brown)      (should be on the Brown Chart)
James Frazier (Louhannah Brown)    (should be on the Brown chart)
James Rickles
Moses Payne                        (Have a chart up for him)
L.C. Waddell

4 families unknown

It is believed that they left St. Clair County, Alabama about
September/October 1851

Thomas Allman Family of St. Clair Co. Alabama
John Allison family from North Carolina
Gray Barber Descendancy Chart
Michael Brown Descendancy Chart
William Brown Descendancy Chart06-20-2000
Manning Family Descendancy Chart
Hancock Family Descendancy Chart
William (John) Hodges Family
John W. Inzer family that removed to St.Clair Co. Alabama.
Kitchens Family Descendancy Chart
Payne family of St. Clair Co. Albabam to Craighead Co. Arkansas
Pearson family of St. Clair Co.
John Read family from Gwinnett Co. to St. Clair Co. Alabama 11 28 2000
Riddle Family of St. Clair Co. Alabama
Steadman Family
Thomas Washington Family Chart From Barnwell Co. South Carolina To St. Clair Co.
Richard Washington of Virginia (Looking for a connection)for Thomas
Watkins Family that also went to Craighead Co. Arkansas06-20-2000

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